8.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Difficulty: 9/10

Addictive | Fun |Interesting

2048 one game that has changed the entire scenario of the app store. Its one game where you can literally use the statement ” big things come in small packaging” as the game is a simple numerical puzzle which is developed by Ketchapp Games.


The game is simple as it begins with a 4×4 grid that keeps getting filled by numbers. Players can combine grid tiles featuring the same number, by swiping in that direction, with the aim of creating the biggest possible number. You win the game as soon as you create a tile of the number 2048.


I know it sound real simple but trust me its NOT!! Especially as the numbers keep popping up the grids starts filling up and the game ends as soon as there is no more space to fill new numbers or no more tiles to merge. Also the scoring is based on the number of tiles used to create the large number, and numerous guides, strategies to create a high score.


The game is highly addictive and you will keep on swiping your figures for hours. Further there are different modes in the game and you can change them whenever you feel like. The modes are practice, classic, x-tile and survival. Each mode has its own sets of rules for example in practice mode you get 15 chances to undo your moves where as in survival mode you only get few seconds to play before the game ends.

The graphics are simple and you wouldn’t care about the music as all your focus would be on creating the biggest tile. Also with the new update you can also play the game with your friends or with guests. The new multiplayer set really helps you to enjoy the game at a new level and be hooked for few more hours.


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  • Johnny Bravo

    Such a high rating for a cloned game. Not expected. In terms of innovation it’s 0/10, in terms of design 0/10, in terms of music 0/10. You should play and review original games. Not some creepy free cloned ones.

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