Bike Race

8 Overall Score
Sound: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Great Gameplay | Levels are designed very well

Buggy multiplayer | Very short campaign

Bike Race Free

The Bike Race Free game, developed and distributed by Top Free Games, is not at all a racing game so don’t go with its name.


Each level has certain twists and turns and tracks are so designed that you need to quickly respond according to the situation using your device’s motion controls.


Well the game is simple, you need to reach from point A to point B in as less time as possible. You dont have reverse optioin in the gameplay but you have Brakes on the left of the screen and Accelerator on to the right of the screen, apart from these two touch controls you have 2 motion controls, to perform various stunts and to maintain the grip on the track.


This game is very well designed and each chapter has 9 levels and to unlock a new chapter, we need to fulfill certain tasks, like achieving certain number of stars and winning certain number of multiplayer games.


Yes you read it correct, this game has multiplayer option, we can choose random players online or even compete with our facebook friends. The multiplayer works in a same manner as in Stick Cricket Partnership.

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Sound is very average in this game and graphics are ok.

Final Verdict

Overall it is a good game, with nice gameplay and power consumption is also not very high, however the graphics and sound could have been much better than what we experience now. Also multiplayer is a bit buggy but we hpe to see fix for it very soon.



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