Cut the Rope Time Travel

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10

New character and costumes | Different levels | New add ons

No improvement on music | Levels get over way to fast

Cut the rope Time Travel developed by ZeptoLab is one of the sweet games which can be played by all ages. It has two sensational previous shifts and now it hits us back with its newest edition of Time Travel, which has great new characters and some good gizmos. The new character introduced has new costumes. With every changing level there is a new costume and head gears.


The whole idea of the game still remains the same. But with the new version there are two monsters on each screen and the idea is still the same where you need to cut the rope with several gizmos and devices on the screen and feed the monsters with candies. These candies can be anywhere from hanging on the rope to upward-floating bubble to attached to a rocket which moves in any direction to your choice and so on.


There are some new features too like you can pause time and freeze candies or object in the middle of the game. There are new hurdles that take the difficulty level to a whole new era and keep the game interesting.


The game is set on different levels like the middle ages, renaissance, pirate ship etc. With every increasing level the level of difficulty rises but it’s not that hard, that you will go crazy. It basically tests your basic IQ level. People with no IQ level please don’t waste your time here!!


The graphics are good with a variety of animation and looks simple and sober but no special effects have been made from previous versions. The background of the game changes with every new level.


No special attention paid to the music as it’s more over same as the previous editions, which is pleasant to hear. Basically it’s a decent game which is meant for everyone and is available on both android and iOS devices.

Verdict: Download it!


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