Munch Time

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8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Great Physics | Beautiful Design | Addictive Gameplay | funny Sound effects

Less Number of levels available as far as price is concerned.

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Munch Time is a physics puzzler game, with new concept and impressive graphics. A chameleon called “Munch” and his quest for lunch that the player must guide him through.

Swing around using your super strong tongue to reach the most difficult places! Latch onto different flowers for different acrobatic effects! Game has great physics concept and beautiful animation and design.In Munch Time, the player must guide Munch the chameleon around just over 40 levels in order to collect stars and reach the end of the stage.

munch_time | iDroidStation

To reach to the food, the player must hold on to a flower and swing from flower to flower to reach and grab the food, the mission here is not only to grab food, but also to get stars which are on the way, and that is where this game becomes a bit tricky, because of physics and flowers with different color and each color with their own unique feature, it makes us think on how to go and grab our food.

Early stages are very simple to complete. It’s all very straightforward as to what’s needed in order to collect up all the stars and reach the exit. Not long into the game, other flower types emerge and tactics change slightly. Munch has to change color by eating special colored flies, so it’s important to collect things in the ‘right’ order.

munch_time | iDroidStation

The catch here is once most flowers have been used, they cannot be used again. Players must cautiously plan out their path before making a move, or they risk becoming stuck with no way to proceed. Also, since stalling kills Munch’s momentum, players have to latch on to flowers with speed and accuracy.

munch_time 18 | iDroidStation

There are also permanently rotating flowers that can be re-used, and cannon flowers that can blast our Munch. There are also more common obstacles such as pitfalls and spiked walls that can result in an untimely demise.   As far as sound is concerned, this game has good sound effects with some funny sound at background and also a lovely music being played whole time.

munch_time 8 | iDroidStation

It has the addiction in its game play much like what we saw in Cut the Rope and we think players who loved cut the rope will definitely like this game and latch onto it for a longer time.

Final Verdict

Beautiful Design and Gameplay with physics makes this game a great addiction but more levels are required so that players can keep on playing this game, as once you are into the game, you will find that your time has passed very soon and you are about to finish all the levels in the game as well. It is simple, Fun and lovely way to get a Lunch for your Munch .


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