PBA Bowling Challenge

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Multiplayer and career mode | Plenty of Bonus challenges

Today we have all kinds of games available on the app store and one of those games is PBA Bowling Challenge which is a great 3D bowling game. Developed by Concrete Software, Inc. PBA Bowling Challenge allows you to experience bowling on a small screen with great graphics and simple controls. PBA Bowling Challenge has both a quick game and a full career play. With different sets of alleys and collections of bowling ball the game becomes more intriguing.


The game begins with an introductory art which helps you in getting used to the controls and the idea of the game. The controls are simple as you just need to slide the ball left and right to position it and then swipe to push the ball forward. With a few practice matches you get ready to play in the leagues and hit the first tournament which will require your energy point which you can monitor by looking at the green bar at the top of the screen.


You can play the game in different alleys that features different types of play and you get to play against some of the PBA’s bowlers. There are 21 PBA bowlers and 70 tournaments which can keep you pretty busy.


The graphics are great and it makes you feel like you are in a real alley. The music is pretty interesting too and it helps in building a good morale and keeps you motivated. PBA Bowling Challenge is a very addictive game and it keeps on going interesting as soon as you start winning your tournaments.

PBA Bowling Challenge is like a fresh breeze from all the endless running games. It is fun to play and you keep on enjoying the game with different balls and fun power-ups.


What’s New

The newest version of PBA Bowling Challenge is packed with Rock-Solid improvements!

NEW BONUS CONTENT! – Winter Alley and NEW Snowball Ball that awards tickets every time it’s thrown. Additional ticket bonus for using the Snowball in the Winter Alley tournaments!


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