Soccer Kicks (Football)

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Great Gameplay | Levels are designed very well

Ads and very less updates

Terrandroid’s New game Soccer Kicks (football) for android is a great game to pass your free time.


As the name says Soccer kicks, is a game where in we simply have free kicks to score a goal, however it is not as easy as it sounds, you not only have to score a goal but also hit the target.


At the top of the screen we have a power bar which is reduced at every kick, and is reduced by double when we miss the goal, however we can increase the bar if we score a goal and hit the target as well. This is what the game is all about, we need to score more and more and also take care of the power bar because once the power bar is exhausted, THE GAME ENDS.


Game controls are also very simple :

  • Flick the ball to kick it out
  • Swipe to adjust the direction of the ball while it is in the air
  • Gesture a curve on the screen to curve the ball


Game Features:

  • Three intense game modes: Target, Tournament, Timed and Practice.
  • 2 Player Mode (Pass and Play on one phone).
  • Easy to use on-screen controls.
  • Amazing 3D visuals and immersive sound


Different modes bring various challenges in the game and each of those challenges are very interesting, the more you advance in the game the more interesting it becomes as in the initial startup you are up against one Goal Keeper but in later stages there are some extra men protecting the goal and your angle and speed together will help you reach your target.

Final Verdict

Overall this is a good game with great graphics and sound and it will be your favorite time pass if you love to play soccer. The developers have really worked hard on it and we hope to see an online multiplayer option as well in near future.


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