Super Stickman Golf 2

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Multiplayer | Loads of level and customization

Music could have been improved

After the success of Super Stickman Golf, developers Noodlecake Studios Inc got us the sequel Super Stickman Golf 2. With over 20 different courses, the game can be played in single player, multiplayer mode or Race mode to the cup battle.


Race mode requires users to be online and requires Google+ Sign in to earn achievements, enable cloud sync and play online multiplayer. Challenge golfers from all over the world or Challenge random opponents or use the NEW Username Search to challenge your friends directly are a major advantage.


In Single player, there are eight tours to play:

Tour 1: beginner

Tour 2: intermediate

Tour 3: hard

Tour 4: classics 1

Tour 4a: classics 2

Tour 5: Pro

Tour 6: Expansion 1

Tour 7: Expansion 2

You can either buy golf bux or earn while you play. The music is good but could have been improved. While playing the game there would be a lot of hindrance to complete the level such as moving obstacles, portals, magnets and much more.


One can customize the golfer by changing the Hats, Golfers, Balls and power ups. There are more than 25 hats to choose from. 10 golfers which get unlocked as you complete different levels. 38 Golf balls and 8 power ups to unlock. Collect Xp to level up your golfer. Levelling up unlocks new tours and golfers.

You can insert golf bux for a chance to win new hats and unlock upto 64 achievements to get glued to the game. You can check the stats of the game or go to pro shop to buy in app purchases.


There are various tricks to play the game such as bank shots, shortcut path, ride the wall, sticky walls and many more. All tricks are displayed while you play the game.  It has a big gameplay and graphics are great.  A big thumbs up for the game.

** Features **

* Online Multiplayer

* 180 Challenging Holes

* 53 Achievements

* 28 Hats

* 10 Golfers

* NEW Powerups

* Dynamic Courses


What’s New

2.1 – More new courses! Turn-based wagering and chat. Ball trails!


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